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Carrot Juice


To help you achieve the healing you deserve


Before starting your GAPS journey to healing, it’s good to get organised and I can help you to do this in any capacity you require. ​

I can provide the materials to help you or I can work with you in person or over video call, for all or some of your GAPS needs, as required.

(Please see "What is a GAPS Coach" for further detail)


Please contact me for further information


Get a few friends together and host a fermenting party.  Choose your preferred demonstration and learn how to make any GAPS foods or fermented drinks ... for example : ​

  • Sauerkraut and Kefir

  • Beet Kvass and Cabbage Tonic

  • Jun and Switchell


The GAPS Protocol may not be for you at present, you may just require a bit of help in your kitchen, please see below for other services



Meal Planning - Learn how to be more confident and efficient in the kitchen and how to meal plan to save time and money and avoid food waste.

Healthier Eating - If you and your family eat ready meals, learn how to prepare these yourself, using the raw ingredients.

Your Freezer Is Your Friend - Learn how to batch cook and portion, it’ll save you time, money and avoid food waste.

Mason jars


To empower you to cook tasty, nutritious, nourishing food

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