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The primary school telephoned me one Friday lunchtime to request that I collect my daughter because they said she has conjunctivitis!  

Upon collecting my daughter, the Deputy First Aider at the school told me "Get to the chemist or the Dr for some medication or antibiotics and hopefully your daughter will be able to return to school Monday morning"!!!  I explained that we prefer the natural way and then ignored the glare that followed!!  

I wasn’t convinced that my daughter actually had conjunctivitis because her eye didn’t look that bad to me - photo below!  My daughter then explained that she believed she may have accidentally rubbed a bit of her eraser into her eye! 

I’m not a Dr but my gut instinct was to rinse her eye to make it water!  So when we got home, I mixed up a saline solution, added some raw honey and mixed.  I then put a couple of drops into her eye.  It stung which in turn made her eye water, which is what I intended.  Within a couple of hours, the pink eye (conjunctivitis?) had gone!  Therefore, I thought I’d share what worked for us.

The homemade eye drops are kept in the fridge.


60 ml

Filtered Warm Water

1/8th tsp (½ of a ¼ of a tsp)

Celtic, Grey, Unrefined Sea Salt (not table salt)

15 ml

Raw Honey


Boil the water

Pour the boiled water into a small jar with a lid.

To the jar of boiled water add the salt and stir until dissolved.

Wait for the boiled water to cool down to warm before adding the raw honey so that the benefits of honey aren't destroyed by the heat.  Mix well until the honey is dissolved.

Using an eye dropper, add 1 x drop to each eye.  This will sting slightly and the eyes will water, simply dab the tears with a clean tissue.  Eyes watering is a good sign as it can help wash out eye infections.  This mild solution can be used to bathe eyes several times a day.

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